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"Melissa Gibson is one of those rare singer/songwriters who tells stories with her music like a critically acclaimed author does with pen and paper." Michael Alison,
Music Dish

From the moment singer / songwriter Melissa Gibson begins, chances are you won’t want to be anywhere else. She charmed audiences with her debut CD, “Lighthouse Point” in 1999, followed by her critically acclaimed album “Welcome To Stay” in 2003. In 2005, she gained more accolades by releasing an album of her interpretation of other songwriters' works with “Under Their Influence” and is back again releasing, “In Your Corner,” in July 2006.

Influenced by the likes of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Marc Cohn and Joni Mitchell, singer/songwriter Melissa Gibson's music combines remarkable insight with sensitive depictions of emotion, all encompassed by her signature full-bodied country/folk flavor.

A native New Englander, Melissa first immersed herself in the Nashville music scene in 1996 after obtaining her degree from St. Lawrence University.  She studied piano and voice in her early years and later concentrated on the guitar.  She emerged from those studies as an incredible songwriter with a vocal ability that is second to none, whom both the country and folk genres have embraced. 

Melissa has independently released three full-length albums beginning in 1999 with "Lighthouse Point" marking her debut.  Among many other critically acclaimed noteworthy tracks, it contains the hauntingly beautiful “Just Breathe.”

In 2003, Melissa’s second album, "Welcome To Stay" hit the shelves which indeed proved that Melissa was here to stay showcasing songs ranging from the catchy “Miles To Go” to the tender lullaby “Sleep Well Tonight.”

Together with her longtime producer, Vaughn Lofstead, Melissa completed a cover album entitled, "Under Their Influence" which was released in December 2005. While it contains such classic hits as Carole King’s “Where You Lead,” Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” and John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” the album also includes lesser known gems, some that have never before been recorded.

“This album was such an honor to make. We worked diligently at approaching the songs a little differently, while still respecting the original recording that made each one so fantastic. While I recognize that there is great risk in covering well-known songs, I decided to operate under the pretense that such amazing songs should be sung by as many people as possible. This album also afforded me the opportunity to include a couple of songs that struck me with such force the first time I heard them, that I'm not sure I've recovered yet. They are so beautiful and so well-crafted that it was an extremely humbling experience to try to give them the voice I felt they deserved," says Melissa.

Never letting grass grow beneath her feet, Melissa is due to release her fourth album, “In Your Corner,” in July 2006.  The album, of all original compositions, is a natural extension of this very talented songwriter.  The infectious melodies along with Melissa’s enrapturing voice continue to allure while her lyrics speak poetically about life without wallowing in the blues. 

"While, of course, your experiences are always your own, and you go through those experiences and emotions by yourself - no matter how many people are around you at the time, I’ve tried to embrace the fact that while all that is true, it isn’t necessarily a negative thing.  It is important to me that my music reflect that and I hope I have done so with each of my albums, especially with, In Your Corner,”" explains Melissa. 

Regardless of the album, rest assure that Melissa will take you on a journey with her thought-provoking collection of insightful lyrics and rich melodies in which she weaves a thread of hope, imploring the listener to persevere through life’s tribulations. Her writing exemplifies Melissa’s talented grasp of communicating real life emotions, crossing lines and barriers. Her naturally soothing, earth-toned voice shines effortlessly, whether she wrote the songs themselves or is lending them her warm, rich alto voice.

"Melissa has that zest and charm of 70s heroines like Carole King and Helen Reddy, never losing site of her folk roots that challenge the singer-songwriter to go naked to the audience and not lie when the lyrics start passing from brain to strumming fingers. Add a fine, serious voice to that thoughtfulness and up comes a winner." -Ben Ohmart, Muse's Muse